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Rediscovering YOU

next workshop: saturday 31 July 2021, seashells mandurah

A full day workshop for women who want to discover the different sides to their personality and how to realign with their core self.  

As women we play many roles and sometimes when we have highly developed these sides to our personality we lose sense of our CORE self. This workshop focuses on getting back in touch with the CORE self so that we can rediscover our true nature, passion and purpose.

Have you ever wondered why a group of people all respond very differently to the same situation, or why some of us struggle with communication with certain people or in certain situations? 

Develop a deeper understanding of your communication style, your core values and your decision-making style using Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), one of the most popular and widely used personality profiling tools.

New direction, need clarity, focus? Want to find your purpose? New direction, inspiration,? Rediscover YOU, image of women exhilarated.


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This workshop is an engaging, interactive, fun way to explore and discover the different facets of your personality and how to adapt your style to interact better with others and to improve your ability to deal with different situations. 

Discover what motivates you and how to align your values and core beliefs.

Discover what causes you stress and how you typically respond to stress from your own personality type.

This is a beautiful facilitated self-discovery process, which will also allow you to see how you have adapted your personality over time and get back to your core self.




how this workshop will give you clarity, reduce core-related stress and assist you to align with your purpose


the 16 types of personality based on myers briggs type indicator (mbti)

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There are 16 personality types based on eight preferences – the focus of your personal energy which is either Extraverted or Introverted, how you gather information using either Sensing or Intuition, how you make decisions using either Thinking or Feeling and how much structure and flexibility you need in the outer world Judging or Perceiving.

By the end of the workshop you should have a 4 part code that will identify each of these preferences such as ENFP or ISTJ.

This code will unfold over the course of the day in a very interactive environment where you will self discover the code through a series of activities and interactions. This is a fun-packed way to self-discover your true or core type.

For me, identifying my CORE self and understanding the different parts and make up of my personality was one of the most empowering experiences of my self development. As a self-development junkie that’s saying something. I really understood how the different parts of my personality were playing out and how to get back to my CORE self, reduce stress and align with my core values and beliefs. This is why this workshop is one of my all time favourites to facilitate.


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Interaction Styles

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Temperament Styles

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Decision Making Styles

Putting it all together


You've Got Personality Book Cover

You've Got Personality by Mary McGuiness

A copy of You’ve Got Personality. This 44-page book describes in detail all the basic theory behind the different personality types.

what is involved in the 1:1 debrief session?

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This is a one to one session with myself via ZOOM after the workshop which will give you the opportunity to delve a bit deeper into the facets of your personality and how it plays out for you in your everyday life.

The debrief is a facilitated process, where I will assist you to explore opportunities and to powerfully align with your core needs and values.

We can lose sight of our innate or true self and this process can assist you to rediscover your CORE self and realign and refocus.

You will leave the session with a sense of clarity of who you are. Must be taken within 3 weeks of the workshop.

format for the day

who is deanna?

Deanna C Ward Emotional Intelligence and NLP Master Coach
Deanna Ward - Workshop Facilitator I have been using personality profiling since 2008. It has helped me to get back in alignment with my true self when I get off track or am stressed. I have used it with teams and individuals to affect amazing changes in self awareness and personal development. I will share some of these experiences with you at the workshop. You can also watch the video on this page to find out more.

I am an Interstrength® accredited facilitator using the self-discovery process of personality based on Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), qualified to facilitate workshops and debrief using the Interstrength® Method.

How much is this workshop?

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