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deanna ward

I love working with women who want to elevate their game, who are seeking more in life than just doing what they need to get by. If you have lost a sense of purpose and passion then let’s talk. Life is not meant to be mediocre, it is meant to be amazing.

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Work with me one to one and get the breakthroughs you need to fast track your life vision. Programs to suit, individual sessions and packages.
FREE Strategy Session to see if this is for you.
A full day workshop for women who want to discover the different sides to their personality and how to realign with their core self, so that they can rediscover their true nature, passion and purpose. Develop a deeper understanding of your communication style, your core values and your decision-making style using Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), one of the most popular and widely used personality profiling tools.
Waking Venus Retreat March 2021 Dunsborough Beach
Treat yourself to a full weekend retreat with a small group of inspiring, likeminded women. For women who want to check out and check in to a weekend of personal development, pampering and relaxation, to refocus, recharge and to learn how to become more successful in life, love and work.

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